How Solaire Works

Solarie™ fits better than traditional activewear, helps you burn more calories, purifies your skin and helps smooth out cellulite. 

The idea behind Solaire™ was to create garments that not only fit better than traditional activewear, but also to maximize the benefits of your activity by actually helping you burn more calories, smooth out cellulite and purify your skin. Yes, we’re still talking about clothes here.   

Solaire Trimwear™ was created using the latest 3D garment design technology, which allowed us to experiment with hundreds of functional athletic fabrics and stitching patterns in search of the perfect fit. 


Active-lifestyle clothing that not only makes you look fit, but helps you get fit, purify your skin and reduce cellulite while wearing them? You’re welcome!


How Do I Determine my size?

You can click here to view a size chart

How should the garments fit?

Solaire Trimwear is designed to shape and contour your body using active compression that lifts your rear and also flattens your tummy.

How does it feel to wear Trimwear?

Trimwear is incredibly comfortable and features a second-to-skin fit that compliments your body's figure. The inner lining is designed to help wick away sweat from your body and keep you comfortable even through the your most grueling workouts.

Is it safe to put my Solaire products in the washing machine?

Yes, we recommend using cold water and a mild detergent and washing using the delicate cycle to help preserve the fabric.

Is it safe to put my Solaire products in the dryer?

No, all Solaire products should hang-dry or dry laying flat.

How does ThermaSlim technology work?

ThermaSlim Fabrics help increase your core temperature to help increase the number of calories you burn while you're active. The fabric technology also helps increase water-weight loss, which helps you lose those last few inches and also helps cleanse your pores through active perspiration. The Soft outer fabric has a soft satiny feel with a plush inner lining that keeps you comfortable even when things heat up. There's also breathable Aire-Stretch Lining strategically placed in the seat & crotch area for maximum comfort.

What material is used in Solaire products?

ThermaSlim with Elastane

How long should I wear my Solaire product every day?

You should never wear the product overnight or while you're sleeping as this may cause severe dehydration which can lead to hospitalization and even death. The time duration that you wear the garment depends on the activity that you're doing. If you're exercising, we recommend only wearing the garment for a maximum period of two hours and also make sure that you're properly hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

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